Facebook Gaming Launches Early Access of ‘Tournaments’ Feature


Facebook Gaming has launched a new feature with early access that anyone can join and organize tournaments with their friends. Facebook aims to provide a social experience in the quarantine process with the Tournaments feature.

Facebook Gaming launched the Tournaments feature, which anyone can join. Facebook plans to bring people together in this challenging period when the coronavirus epidemic is effective, with the tournament feature it opened to early access.

Mina Abouseif, the chief engineer of Facebook Gaming tournaments, said in an interview with GamesBeat that they have been working on the Tournaments feature for a long time and decided to publish it early to help people cope with the quarantine process.

All players can participate in Facebook Gaming Tournaments
Those who want to organize an ordinary tournament with their friends, publishers playing games with their followers, or anyone who wants to make a global e-sports tournament will be able to organize or participate in the tournament. Leaderboards, matches and everything else are created virtually on the Tournaments page.

Facebook Gaming aims to collect feedback from participants in early access tournaments. Facebook and Oculus recently announced that the game companies were raising awareness of the coronavirus and participating in the #PlayApartTogether campaign supported by the World Health Organization.

Facebook Gaming needs an organizer for the participants to coordinate the matches and is unable to automatically pair the matches yet. So for now, it relies on players and organizers to report the results. You can access Facebook Gaming’s tournaments page here and organize tournaments with your friends.


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