Facebook freezes Venezuelan President Maduro’s account


Facebook continues to hold politicians accountable for misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest victim of this approach of the social media giant was Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Facebook froze the Venezuelan President’s account for 30 days.

Maduro shared a long list on his Facebook account that a thyme-based drug called Carvativir cured COVID-19. During this period, it will still be possible to access Maduro’s page. However, the Venezuelan President’s team will not be able to post on the account.

In the video he shared on his Facebook account, Maduro referred to Carvatir as “miracle drops” and suggested that the drug could both prevent and treat COVID-19 without side effects. However, there is no information in this direction in the guide of the World Health Organization, which Facebook also takes as a source.

In a statement made by Facebook, it was stated that Maduro had violated the rules several times. Nicolas Maduro had previously accused Facebook of censoring him for his Carvativir videos.

Freezing the Venezuelan President’s account is not a very “challenging” act for Facebook. Even the complete ban of Facebook in Venezuela may not affect the company much. However, this decision is important in terms of showing Facebook’s seriousness regarding COVID-19 and misinformation.


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