Facebook: Former Employee Makes New Complaints And Can Testify


A new former Facebook employee has said she is willing to testify in the US Congress to detail the platform’s bad practices.

Data analyst Sophie Zhang, who worked for two-and-a-half years at Mark Zuckerberg’s firm, told CNN in an interview that she has also forwarded documents for investigations by a “law enforcement agency” without detailing which agency it is.

In April of this year, Zhang had already expressed her displeasure about the risks of social networking to The Guardian, but only now has she confirmed that she is in the same situation as Frances Haugen, the former executive who became the main whistleblower of the current crisis. of the company.

“Blood on hands”

According to the analyst, Facebook does not make sufficient efforts to fight abuses outside the United States — which reinforces one of the previous allegations. She herself worked in teams that dealt directly with election periods and says she has seen this type of behavior in practice.

In an internal letter written after his resignation in September 2020, Zhang said Facebook was slow to act or ignored reports of false accounts, hate speech and misinformation around the world. Zhang was fired last year for “performance issues,” but claims she only had the courage to re-expose herself after Haugen’s allegations.

She also claims that she feels “blood on her hands” for working at the company and even detailed actions during the 2018 election period in Brazil, when she helped to remove false profiles and messages “from high profile politicians” involved in the election.

And now?

For now, no US regulator has confirmed that it is in possession of the documents Zhang delivered. There are also no details on what information would be passed on by the analyst about the social network. Congress has yet to comment on a possible call for the former employee.

In a note sent to CNN, Facebook reinforced that it “combats abuses abroad with the same intensity applied in the United States”, restricting about 150 manipulation networks since 2017 in 50 countries.


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