Facebook Filters Oculus Quest 2; first details


The characteristics of these new virtual reality helmets are official and demonstrate the progress of this renewed device.

Virtual reality is not a passing fad, it is here to stay. Several years after the launch of the first contemporary virtual reality headsets, Facebook has just revealed Oculus Quest 2, a new device that has already been seen through leaked videos on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, the company that owns Oculus. No release date or price has yet been revealed, although the technical specifications of the product have come to light, which we offer you below.

Main features
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor
Nearly 2K resolution each eye, more than 50% more pixels than the first Oculus Quest model.
Positional 3D audio
New and more ergonomic controls
Ability to add 256GB of extra storage

Notably, all video games available for Oculus Quest will work on the next model. In addition, this new version improves ergonomics when fitting the helmets on the head. It has been built as a smaller and lighter product than its predecessor. All the details will be uncovered later, possibly at Facebook Connect, a development conference that will take place on Wednesday 16 September.

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