Facebook Extends Removal Of Offensive Content Against Public Figures


Facebook released this Wednesday (13) new updates on the social network’s security policy against situations of bullying and harassment. The objective, according to the company, is to increase the protection of the entire community and, in particular, the people who are most vulnerable to abuse on the platform.

The first update consists of combating hate messages sent massively to people who are most in evidence at the moment, such as victims of violent crimes or government dissidents, for example. The social network must also remove profiles that send hate messages directly to the victim (personal profile) in the inbox or in the comments.

Facebook points out that organized groups, such as accounts linked to the state or adversaries, exclusively to silence other users will be removed from the network. In addition, removal policies involving content about public figures such as politicians, journalists, celebrities or creators were updated. Among the contents that will be removed are:

Severe sexualization content;
Profiles, pages and groups dedicated to sexualizing a public person;
Images and drawings that have editing for purposes of sexualization of the body or derogatory;
Attacks with negative physical descriptions of the public figure marked or mentioned.
People who become “unwittingly” famous on the network, who come from underrepresented communities including women, people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community and who have become known for defending human rights will gain new resources to protect harmful content about their appearance sent over the networks.


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