Facebook Establishes Partnerships and Investments in Brazilian Newspapers


The social network Facebook announced this Thursday (16) a new round of investments in journalism vehicles in Brazil. The initiative is part of the News Innovation Test, a project to increase the circulation of informational materials on the platform.

With the project, Facebook intends to expand the display of links in various sections of the social network, some of which are not yet available in Brazil.

In this way, the company hopes to build new audiences and strengthen the spread of truthful and informative news through the service.

What are newspapers?

The critic;
The Gazette;
Associated Diaries (Correio Braziliense and Estado de Minas);
The State of São Paulo;
Folha de S.Paulo;
Abril Group (Placar, Super, Veja, Veja Rio, Veja São Paulo and Veja Saúde);
Bandeirantes Group (BandTV, BandNews, BandNews FM, Rádio Bandeirantes and TV Terra Viva);
GRPCOM Group (Gazeta do Povo and Tribuna do Paraná);
Grupo Jaime Câmara (Daqui, Jornal de Tocantins and O Popular);
RBS Group (Diário Gaúcho and GZH);
O Antagonista (and Revista Crusoé);
Young pan;
The people;
The time;
Record (Record TV and R7);
TV network!;
Jornal do Commercio Communication System (Jornal do Commercio, NE10, Rádio Jornal and TV Jornal);

The contemplated vehicles will benefit from “commercial remuneration agreements” to invest in content production. Apart from the investment in vehicles, the network will also direct US$ 2.6 million over the next 12 months to create innovation funds and projects with press associations, as well as promoting training and mentoring sessions for professionals in the area.

Recently, the platform ran a similar campaign just for independent journalists and also in materials regarding the covid-19 pandemic.


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