Facebook Domain ‘Up For Sale’: Twitter Founder Asks For Price


While there have been problems with accessing Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp for hours all over the world, the allegedly seized Facebook domain is ‘up for sale’. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s tweet in which he asked how much he was charged for the domain name went viral in seconds.

Social media platforms Whatsapp , Instagram and Facebook are experiencing access problems worldwide. Thousands of people using these platforms started to be active on Twitter , another giant social media platform .

The following suggestive tweet came from Twitter, which had no access problems and increased interaction traffic: “Hello everyone, literally.” The response to this message was “Hello” from Whatsapp’s Twitter account.

After a Twitter user tweeted with a screenshot that Facebook’s domain name was put up for sale, Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey replied to this tweet, “How much?” His answer (how much does it cost) went viral. The tweet received 32 thousand likes in 45 minutes.

It was seen that the Facebook domain name was out of Facebook and became for sale. The domain is still registered with Facebook.

In the statement made by Whatsapp, “We are aware that there is an access problem at the moment. We are working to fix the problem as soon as possible.”


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