Facebook Domain Goes Up For Sale, And Twitter CEO Wants To Buy


Facebook: As we’ve already reported earlier, the Facebook group’s sites have been down since early afternoon this Monday (4th). Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook users have not been able to login or update their social media feed since approximately 12:00.

After the giant’s fall, other platforms began to fall as well, including rival Telegram. To make matters worse for the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, throughout the afternoon there were rumors that the Facebook domain was for sale: the site appeared as available on the DomainTools platform and was even listed on a GoDaddy platform, according to user screenshots that captured the moment.

Who took the opportunity to “delight” with the situation was the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. With the downfall of rival networks and possibly the sale of the domain, Dorsey scoffed and said he wanted a piece of the action. “How much does it cost?” he wrote.


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