Facebook does not want to notify users of data leakage


Facebook does not intend to notify users of the latest data leak on the platform, which affected 553 million profiles, whose information was recently posted on a hacker forum. The news was revealed by a company spokesman on Wednesday (07).

In a previous article, we explained that these data were already made public in 2019. Therefore, this is not essentially a new leak. At the time, Facebook made an agreement with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), agreeing to report future leaks, involving 500 or more users, within 30 days.

‘Unnecessary’ notification

Among the data that were, once again, made public, are telephone numbers, full names, location, date of birth and e-mail. Despite this, the Facebook spokesman said the company was not sure that it was necessary to notify users about what had happened, since the same information had previously been leaked.

Another reason cited by the spokesman for the non-notification is, according to Facebook, the inability of users to solve the problem. Therefore, if they could not retain their data, there was no reason to inform them.

Agencies trigger Facebook

According to the company, access passwords, banking or health information were not disclosed. Even so, the leak could give rise to future invasions and fraud.

The DPC (Data Protection Commissioner), the main European regulatory agency, announced on Tuesday (06) that it contacted the social network for further clarification, noting that it has not received any “proactive communication from Facebook“.