Facebook did not allow death of sick French man


Facebook did not allow a person living in France struggling with a brutal illness to broadcast the death process live. Alain Cocq, 57, who suffers from a disease that causes his veins to stick together, stopped all feeding as of Friday. Cocq, who wanted to use his situation in order to make changes in France’s “right to die” law, announced that he would broadcast his death live on Facebook.

The statement sent to The Verge site on the subject from Facebook includes the following statements: “Our heart is with Alain Cocq and other people affected by this sad situation. We understand his desire to draw attention to this difficult and complex issue. However, in line with the advice we received from experts, we took steps to prevent Alain from broadcasting live. We cannot allow this, as we do not allow the demonstration of suicide attempts. ”

According to the news in CNN, Cocq wrote a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron on the issue last July and stated that he wanted to “die in honor” using “active medical support”. Cocq stated in this letter that he was sane, but he was crawled due to the pain he was suffering. Congratulating Cocq for his extraordinary will, Macron nevertheless did not comply with Cocq’s request.

French law does not allow euthanasia. In addition, it is illegal to put the patient to sleep until death, except under certain conditions. However, French citizens can give up medical treatment if they wish.

Cocq, blocked by Facebook, said he would find another way to publish the death process, AFP reported.

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