Facebook Decides To Unplug Hobbi’s Application Like Pinterest


Facebook has announced that it will kill the Pinterest-like app “Hobbi”, which it recently launched. Sending a notification to the users, the team said that the application will close on July 10 and the data must be taken out. The app, available in the App Store, is under 10,000 users.

US-based social media giant Facebook has launched an experimental application of social platform a short time ago. Published in February for the iOS platform and called “Hobbi”, this application offered users a Pinterest-like experience. However, this apparently did not see the expected attention, and the Facebook team decided to unplug Hobbi.

The institutions, which hold statistical information about mobile applications, announced that Hobbi, published in the App Store, only had 7,000 downloads. It was also announced that this practice did not improve in terms of earnings, especially in May and June. Apparently these explanations were an issue that Facebook developers were also aware of. Because Facebook announced that the application will be closed on July 10 with a notification sent to Hobbi users.

Hobbi is an application that works in the same logic as Pinterest. Users can document and organize their projects through this medium. But at least for now, there was no way to share the created projects with others or to learn new projects. In other words, Hobbi was an application that you can use individually and this has driven users away. As such, the inevitable end was to unplug the application.

It is obvious how popular the Pinterest application is. As such, giant names of the sector want to develop an application that Pinterest can replace. Even in this context, a short time ago, Google, Pinterest app-like “Kean” I offered the service of users. Let’s see if Keen’s end will be like Facebook’s Hobbi, or will this app be the new rival of Pinterest?

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