Facebook Data of 500 Million Users from 82 Countries Released on the Internet


According to the information transmitted by HackRead, a hacker launched a Facebook database containing 500 million user data. The data went on sale over the dark web.

Facebook, which has had a problem of trust in its users with the ‘Cambridge Analytica’ scandal, where data of hundreds of millions of users have leaked in the past years, is once again facing a massive data leak. The size of the leak is so large that 500 million users from 82 countries are said to be involved in this scandal.

User data seized by HackRead is currently on sale in a hacker forum on the dark web. As you can see from the image below, the data offered for sale on May 15 includes the information collected between November 2019 and May 2020.

What personal information does the data sold contain?

The personal information contained in the Facebook database sold by the hacker is as follows:

Marital status
Mobile phone number
E-mail address
Facebook profile link

The hacker, who put the data on sale, also divides the prices into three parts. At this point, $ 450 for 100 thousand users ‘data, $ 1,500 for 1 million users’ data and $ 30,000 for the entire database are required.

Which countries are on the list:

It is said that there are thousands of users’ data from countries such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

It is not known for now whether the database put up for sale has any recipients. Allegedly, this data was stolen from a misconfigured server or purchased from a third-party marketing firm.

There is no official statement made by Facebook on the subject, but there are some measures users can take to avoid such leaks. One of these measures is to share personal photos not only publicly, but only to friends and review Facebook privacy settings.


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