Facebook Dark Mode Disappears From The Android App


Facebook: Designed to alleviate the workload that your eyes must do when viewing the mobile screen in low or no surrounding light conditions, the Dark mode reverses the tones of the screen, turning dark to light, making it easier to see a backlit panel do not cause eye fatigue, or at least reduce it.

Nowadays it is easy to activate it, since if, for example, you have Android, you can choose the ‘Dark Mode’ in the app you are using, or it is the operating system itself that applies it to this and all of them.

Facebook Android dark mode disappears

Released in October 2020 in the mobile versions of Facebook applications, activating the dark mode of the social network is easy on mobile. But today, May 5, we woke up with such a curious as well as rare data. Because today, Facebook’s dark mode on Android is gone.

Literally hundreds of Facebook users have complained about this on different forums and social media. We can read messages like:

– “I opened Facebook on my phone and the dark mode was deactivated and it blinded me. I checked the settings to activate it again and they were gone .. I feel so hurt right now @Facebook, return the dark mode!”

– “Wtf @facebook dark mode just disappeared and is not even in the app settings”.

– “Where has my Facebook dark mode gone? I have opened the application and now I am blind.”

Is it an occasional glitch thing?

At the moment, Facebook has not revealed any details about why the Dark Mode has suddenly disappeared. However, there is a pattern of events: It only seems to be happening to Android users who have recently updated their mobile, which suggests that it is a failure.

There is no evidence that Facebook is removing dark mode for good, and the feature is likely to return to its app soon. But is there a way to fix it while Facebook works on a patch that fixes the problem? Something you can try:

– Close the application and open it again: First, try to close the application completely. On an iPhone, do this by swiping up on the home page.

– Close the application session: Some users have reported that logging out of the application and starting it again has fixed their Facebook.

– Turn off the phone / restart it: It’s the oldest trick in the book, and sometimes all you have to do is turn the phone off and on.

– Delete the application: You can also try to delete the application and download it again from the App Store.

If none of these things work, you may have to put up with having the phone in light mode for a little longer. Check back in a few hours and dark mode may be back.


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