Facebook Criticized By Committee For Lack Of Transparency


Facebook was formally criticized by the Oversight Committee itself, an independent group of experts that is expected to discuss the social network’s actions. The action takes place during a delicate moment for the company, which may even change its name over the next few days.

In an article signed by committee members on Thursday (21), the group demands greater transparency from Facebook so that related matters can be analyzed and decided upon through debate.

No transparency

The problem is related in particular to the case of the differential treatment that certain celebrities received on the platform, such as artists and politicians. The accusation stemmed from accusations by The Wall Street Journal, was confirmed by the network itself and would later be analyzed by the committee.

However, according to the group, the company was not “fully collaborative” in the case, providing incomplete information, not responding to requests for more details, and even omitting certain events or initiatives that were relevant to the evaluation of cases.

The committee also complains that the “Cross-Check” program of differential treatment was not mentioned by Facebook itself when the group analyzed the possible banning of former US president Donald Trump. In the end, this name was only mentioned after experts specifically asked about the existence of such a resource. Trump ended up suspended on the company’s social media.

More collaboration

In the same report, the Oversight Committee says it asked Facebook 156 questions in the last quarter, with the company responding fully 130 and partially 12. Already 14 questions were denied.

In a statement, Facebook says that the committee’s work has had an impact and it will continue to be requested, now with more clarity on the explanations. In June of this year, Facebook abandoned the policy of special treatment for politicians.


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