Facebook Coronavirus Move! Here Are The Details


Facebook continues to provide great convenience to users with the updates and moves it brings from time to time. With his latest move, he took many steps to prevent misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines. This step came after using Facebook own features to spread false information about Covid.

Facebook blocks anti-vaccine profiles

Due to the coronavirus environment we have been in for a long time, large platforms are taking large-scale steps in this regard. Some people on Facebook use special borders on their profile pictures to make anti-vaccine claims, according to a CNBC report. In this context, the platform allows users to customize their profile frames. People often create these various images and add them to their profiles to expand support for a purpose.

The report reveals that some profile frames on Facebook contain messages that are banned on the social networking platform. One of the messages is: “I trust my immune system, not a needle.” Similar false information, including 5G, which is spreading Covid-19, is also included in the profile frames within the platform.

In response, a Facebook spokesperson said that such profile frames are against company policies and they are making efforts to remove them. “We actively support profile frameworks that encourage people to share their support for COVID-19 vaccines and remove those who break our guidelines,” spokesperson Engadget told.

The spokesperson also said: “The number of users on the platform with profile frameworks that support vaccination is growing. More than five million people around the world are using one of these profile frames to express their support for vaccines ‘‘.

Earlier this week, the company reported that it received 12 million misinformation from the app family worldwide, including Facebook and Instagram, regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. The company also stated that they want to train their users in India to help detect misinformation about the pandemic. In addition, it announced plans to launch a new campaign in India to provide information.

So, do you find the coronavirus-related work of such social media platforms successful and sufficient? You can state your thoughts in the comments section.


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