Facebook continues with plans to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger


Facebook will continue the plan to integrate WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger, according to information revealed by developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, who claims to have found evidence of the WhatsApp code in the Facebook Messenger app for Android. The information was released on his Twitter account last Friday (16).

It is worth remembering that the new privacy and security policy of WhatsApp, which generated numerous criticisms, in addition to the migration of part of users to Telegram and Signal, was motivated by this integration. Check out the developer post below:

Apparently, the idea is to do something similar to what happened with Instagram’s direct messages, which were also integrated into Messenger. Thus, it will be possible for a user without WhatsApp to communicate with another who has an account on the Facebook messaging app.

In the publication, Paluzzi clarifies that he “forced” his post on Twitter to be recognized as a conversation on WhatsApp. Although this does not prove a connection between the applications, it reveals that there are still traces in the code and gives a preview of how the feature will work after its launch.

Integration will be optional

Although the new WhatsApp policy, motivated by the union of apps, is mandatory, the integration itself will not be. According to information provided by the WABetaInfo website, users will be able to choose whether or not to link, just as they did on Instagram.

Incidentally, this Sunday (18), Facebook announced 10 new features in Messenger with the aim of improving integration with Instagram directives. In addition, some images have been published that may indicate intentions to allow chats to receive videos directly from Reels. In this sense, if the changes already expected in WhatsApp are actually launched, possibly the apps will receive new features. Now, it remains to wait for the new steps of the technology giant.


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