Facebook continues to make its employees happy


With the Corona virus pandemic, which continues to be dangerous, Facebook continues to make a series of innovations for both the platform and its users and employees. Under the new program, Facebook removes its employees for 1 month from work.

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak, Facebook has remained one of the most proactive companies in terms of supporting employees. Facebook told CNBC that the company has launched a paid leave program that will allow employees to move away from work for up to a month to look after their relatives because of the Corona virus outbreak. A Facebook spokesperson reported that they wanted to support the needs of the community during their pandemic days and therefore launched a series of initiatives for their employees and their families.

30-day paid leave
As part of this new development, Facebook employees can receive up to one month of paid leave to look after their relatives. Being aware of the people having a hard time due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there are different details in the new program of the company. For example, employees who need to take care of a sick family member can travel to another country. This is an initiative included in the 30-day paid emergency care leave program. For shorter term needs, Facebook also offers employees a 20-day paid leave for maintenance. In addition, company employees are allowed to use alternative working hours by offering flexibility in terms of working hours.

Facebook continues to reward its employees
A large proportion of about 45,000 employees working on Facebook started working from home. In addition, the company gave a $ 1000 bonus for home workers to spend on themselves and childcare costs. In addition, the company announced in the first half of 2020 that it will reward each employee with performance ratings that “exceed expectations”.

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