Facebook combines Instagram and Messenger chats


Facebook is bringing its idea of ​​integrating chat systems to life for Instagram and Messenger. Some users in the US have started seeing notifications for this on their iOS and Android devices since Friday.

According to The Verge’s report, a message displayed on Instagram’s mobile app carries the message “There is a new way to message on Instagram” and lists various features. A more colorful look for chats, more emoji response, drag reply and most importantly; There are innovations such as chatting with friends using Facebook.

After clicking the Update button, the regular DM icon in the upper right corner of Instagram is replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo. Conversations on Instagram are also really getting more colorful than before. The sender’s messages change color between blue and purple as you scroll down. By the way, it is stated that it is not possible for Facebook users to message on Instagram for now.

However, we know of their plans to unify the messaging experience on Facebook’s platform of popular applications. There is a plan for Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp users to be able to message between them. Facebook was said to be rebuilding the infrastructure required for this. In this way, users will be able to chat with those who use different applications of Facebook using an application.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said he wanted the system to be end-to-end encrypted. By integrating popular applications, Facebook will directly compete with Apple’s direct messaging service iMessage.

Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012. WhatsApp, on the other hand, was bought for 19 billion dollars in 2014.

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