Facebook; Combined Messenger and Instagram Chats


Facebook; Messenger and Instagram announced that it has officially combined DM. The feature, which is currently available in a limited number of countries, will be released globally soon. With the merger, new features are waiting for us.

Facebook continues to work to unite its major platforms. The company’s unified messaging service for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has moved to the next stage. With the new system, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM merged. Of course, Facebook brings this gradually, as with many of its new features.

Although the company has officially launched this new system, it has limited it to a few countries for now. In fact, the company’s plans were first revealed at the beginning of last year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the claim made by The New York Times, but said that this process will take some time. It seems that the time has come now.

Instagram started promoting this feature in an update released last month. A message showing the icons of two Facebook apps used the words “There is a new way to message on Instagram”. Still, even if you download the update, it is currently not available in our country.

What innovations will come as a result of the merger of Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM?

Commenting on the subject, Facebook said, “We are combining the Messenger and Instagram experience to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram. In this way, you will have the best messaging experience no matter which application you use. ” made a statement in the form. Saying that the messages from people using Instagram will continue to remain in the Instagram application, Facebook stated that the main change is to reach your friends on both platforms through a single application. Thanks to the new Messenger experience on Instagram, many innovations are coming soon. Some of these innovations are:

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Communication between apps: You will be able to seamlessly connect to both apps from one app to send messages and participate in video calls.
Watch together: During a video call, you will be able to watch IGTV, TV series, movies and many different videos with friends and family.
Disappearing mode: You will get access to a mode in which messages will disappear after they are viewed or after closing the chat.
Selfie stickers: You will be able to use the selfies you take for chat as boomerang stickers.
Chat colors: You will be able to customize chats with color options.
Custom emoji responses: You will be able to create a shortcut for emojis to quickly react to the incoming message.
Forwarding: You will be able to send your favorite content to 5 accounts, including the group.
Replies: You can directly reply to specific messages in your chat and make the conversation more fluid.
Animated message effects: You can make your messages more visual by using animated effects.
Message controls: You can decide who can or cannot send you direct messages.
Advanced reporting and blocking updates: You can report the entire conversation in addition to single messages on Instagram.

Update will come step by step

Stating that they made this feature available in several countries of the world in the first stage, he said that Facebook, Instagram and Messenger integration will be expanded globally in the future.


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