Facebook.com Is On Sale! Can Be Yours Today


While the access problem in Facebook services continued, a mind-blowing incident occurred. Facebook.com is on sale!


Access problem still persists in all Facebook services, including Instagram and WhatsApp platforms. A statement came from the company’s wing in the last few minutes regarding the problem that affects almost all users globally. Facebook apologized to users, saying they were aware of the problem. He added that they are trying to fix it.

While the cuts were still in effect, an event shared on social media fell like a bomb on the agenda. The domain name facebook.com, which allows us to access Facebook’s website, is up for sale.

Is Facebook under attack?

Ownership, country, etc. related to websites. When a WHOIS query is made for the facebook.com domain name in DomainTools, which displays technical information, it appears as ‘for sale’. In addition, the domain is listed as open for sale on Unregistry Market, a retail domain name registrar and web services provider operating under GoDaddy.

Facebook.com domain appears for sale

So how can the facebook.com domain go up for sale without Facebook’s knowledge? The company did not make any statement on this matter, did not confirm the event. So we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. However, some users, considering the inaccessibility of any of the company’s services, including WhatsApp and Instagram are considering the possibility of a cyber attack on Facebook.

So what do you guys think about this? Could Facebook be grappling with a serious attack? Do not forget to share your ideas with us.


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