Facebook can influence entertainment culture


Facebook is testing a tool that will make it easier for users to claim images and submit content removal requests. The vehicle in question is called the “Rights Manager for Images” by the company.

According to the news on The Verge site; Thanks to this tool, content owners will be able to follow and manage the status of their creations on Facebook and Instagram. The company is testing its new vehicle with some priority partners.

To take advantage of this tool, content owners need to upload the CSV file and metadata of their work. Situations in which copyright may come into play can also be determined by the author. Facebook’s tool, which will follow the places where the image appears, will leave the decision on the action to be taken regarding the content to the owner of the work.


As The Verge site points out, this tool can have huge effects, especially on Instagram. An image can be shared by many accounts on Instagram. The probability of receiving removal requests for these shares does not seem very low. It can be said that this may negatively affect the entertainment culture on the internet.

Facebook has not yet revealed with whom it has tested its new vehicle. It is also unclear when the tool will be accessible to more users.

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