Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Case Ends 11 Hours After Mediator


Facebook went to court for giving Cambridge Analytica access to the personal data of tens of millions of users. The social media giant accepted the intermediaries’ offer after 11 hours of negotiations.

Four years ago, the Cambridge Analytica scandal had the effect of an exploding bomb. Cambridge Analytica collected the personal data of almost 50 million Facebook users. Then these data were used to influence the opinion of voters. Facebook apologized to users and announced that the company collected data improperly.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who was subpoenaed over this, came to an agreement with the British Facebook company Cambridge Analytica against accusations of violating the law. The agreement does not disclose the amount that the Facebook Meta umbrella company will pay.

Zuckerberg gave a report to Congress

The scandal that broke out in 2016 became known when a Cambridge Analytica employee spoke to The Observer. After the discussions at that time, Zuckerberg had to appear before the US Congress and answer questions. At that time, Facebook was fined billions of dollars. Facebook also lost $100 billion in value.

According to Carol Cadwalladr, who first uncovered the scandal, the deal shows how desperately Zuckerberg is trying to hide the Facebook data leak from Cambridge Analytica. The reason for this opinion is that Zuckerberg and Meta CEO Sheryl Sandberg did not want to be cross-examined for 6 hours.

Zuckerberg and Sandberg, who will retire in the fall, will appear in court on September 20. According to rumors, Facebook’s deal in court will amount to $ 5 billion, but there is no exact information yet.


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