Facebook Buys VR Game Developer BigBox VR


Facebook has acquired VR game developer BigBox VR. Facebook has acquired BigBox VR, the developer of popular VR (virtual reality) games Population: One. Population: One, developed by BigBox VR, which will join Oculus Studio, is also known as “Fortnite of VR” because it is a game that provides a “battle royale” experience.

Mike Verdu, vice president of content at Facebook Reality Labs, said of Population: One, “POP: ONE hit the VR scene just nine months ago and has consistently become one of the top-ranking games on the Oculus platform. 24 people can connect to the game at the same time and compete with each other in a virtual world. Sociality is also among the factors that attract players to POP: ONE. It attracts gamers with its wily humor, regular updates, and the promise of pure fun. In the game, players come together for a synchronized social experience.”

Verdu also announced in February that Population: One had earned more than 10 million dollars on the Oculus Store. The game is available on Steam as well as the Oculus Store. Verdu stated that the game will be supported on all current platforms. On the BigBox VR website, it was stated that regular updates of Population: One will continue.

It remains unclear how changes will be made to the game after this purchase. Verdu simply said, “BigBox VR has big plans for POP: ONE and other projects, but we are not ready to share them.”

Facebook had bought other VR studios before that. Finally, the company, which acquired Onward’s developer Downpour Interactive in April, started these acquisitions by incorporating Beat Saber’s developer Beat Games in November 2019.