Facebook Buys Developer of VR Game ‘Population: ONE’


Facebook announced last Friday (11) the purchase of another virtual reality game studio, BigBox VR, headquartered in Seattle, USA, responsible for the battle royale Population: ONE. The values ​​of the deal, which will put the developer working with Oculus Studios, were not disclosed.

According to the vice president of content at Facebook Reality Labs Mark Verdu, the acquisition is part of an investment process that will make it possible to accelerate the growth of the virtual reality games segment. The two companies already had a partnership, which will be deepened with the new agreement signed.

“We are excited to help BigBox VR grow and accelerate its vision for POPULATION: ONE as a next-generation social gaming experience,” commented Verdu. He also said that the deal will yield new projects, with the resources and support provided by Oculus, and guaranteed freedom of creation for the team.

Released in October 2020, Population: ONE is a first person shooter rated as one of the best titles on the Oculus platform. According to the executive, the game will continue to be supported on all current platforms and receive regular updates, including good news for players.

recent acquisitions

Facebook’s purchase of the BigBox VR joins a series of similar deals made by Mark Zuckerberg’s company over the past two years. This is the fifth deal closed by the social network in the period, starting with the acquisition of Beat Games in November 2019, responsible for the popular Beat Saber.

Next came purchases from Sanzaru Games, which created the game Asgard Ws Wrath, in February 2020, and from Ready At Dawn, in June of last year, developer of Lone Echo. The most recent acquisition had been the negotiation with Downpour Interactive, in April, creator of the Onward simulator.


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