Facebook blocks news about Corona virus due to an error


It was revealed that Facebook caused an unknown error to prevent the sharing of news articles about the corona virus. The situation is estimated to be caused by an error in spam filters.

Facebook uses spam filters to prevent users from posting inappropriate or illegal posts. However, it turned out that the social media giant has deleted many news articles about the corona virus as a result of an error. The problem is thought to be an error caused by spam filters.

Yesterday, many Facebook users reported that they could not post news from some news organizations such as Business Insider, BuzzFeed and The Atlantic. It is not entirely clear why the news about the Corona virus is blocked, and Facebook did not respond to the request for comment on the topic.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, Facebook sent most of its content controllers to their homes and said they would have more confidence in automated software. Alex Stamos, a former Facebook security manager, suggested that the error could have occurred due to this change.

“It seems that the procedure to prevent unwanted sharing in the FB is not working properly. Facebook sent the content moderators to their homes because of the decision to work from home. We may have started learning how problematic machine learning is according to human surveillance,” Stamos shared on Twitter. said. Facebook denied that the error was related to changes to the workforce-side workforce.

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