Facebook: Blackout And Accusations Make Zuckerberg Lose $38 illion


The Facebook crash and the denunciations of a former employee of the platform did no good for Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune. Big tech’s shares fell 4.9% this Monday (4) and, as a result, the executive’s equity depreciated over US$ 7 billion (approximately R$ 38.1 billion).

After the fall in titles, the assets of the CEO of the social network were valued at US$121.6 billion (R$663.3 billion). As a result, Zuckerberg moved up to fifth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Facebook’s Sequence of Problems

On September 13, the Wall Street Journal began a series of reports based on the leak of internal Facebook documents. One of the articles revealed that the company knew that Instagram was damaging the mental health of teenagers.

Another story cited that the company was aware that it collaborated with the disinformation during the Capitol invasion in January of this year. However, executives downplayed the issue by saying that the social network did not influence political polarization in the US.

Last Sunday (3), former product manager Frances Haugen made serious complaints about Facebook on the 60 Minutes program. In particular, the complainant said that the platform has adopted algorithms that amplify hate speech.


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