Facebook bans posts that deny the Holocaust


Facebook announced that it will remove all content related to the Holocaust on its platform that is either rejecting or devaluing. With this step the company has taken, it aims to stop the expansion of hate speech policies and to stop the spread of worrying anti-Holocaust comments among young people by preventing the global increase in anti-Semitism.

Facebook shuts down accounts that deny information with Holocaust

The social media platform was previously criticized heavily for hosting Holocaust denial content on its platform. Facebook decided to take action on the issue, and said that in addition to removing such content, anyone looking for relevant terms from the end of this year will be directed to information from trusted third-party sources.

Sharing a blog post on the subject, Monica Bickert, vice president of content on Facebook, emphasized the importance that such steps cannot be taken overnight and that they should improve their systems on sanctions. CEO Mark Zuckerberg also emphasized the fine line between defending the Holocaust and freedom of expression in his post.

Just earlier this year, the social media site mentioned that it will ban stereotypes that try to instill the perception that the Jewish community rules the world. However, a report released a short while later stated that the company used an opposite algorithm of this statement. So much so that the company’s algorithm, on the contrary, actively encouraged Holocaust denial posts. Because in recent years, Zuckerberg has offered tolerance to denial by evaluating the posts within the scope of freedom of expression.


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