Facebook Banned Extension Creator That Helped ‘Clean’ Feed


Facebook has been facing several issues and has recently even postponed some releases. Recently, the company also banned a developer for publishing an extension that allowed any user to completely clean up the News Feed.

Louis Barclay from the UK developed the “Unfollow Everything” browser extension. Basically, by installing the extension in a browser, it is possible to automatically unfollow all friends’ profiles and account pages.

In other words, Barclay created a feature that allowed to easily “clean” the News Feed on Facebook. And, of course, this annoyed Mark Zuckerberg’s company, even more so because much of the value generated with the social network is the result of Facebook Ads advertisements.

An extension to clean the Feed… Not anymore!

In July 2021, the developer first received a letter from Facebook lawyers, requesting the removal of the extension from the air. About five hours earlier, Louis had tried to access his Facebook account but couldn’t anymore — he was also banned from Instagram.

According to the letter sent by Facebook, the software broke the rules on automated content actions and this infringes the company’s trademarks.

Despite having developed an app to delete profiles and pages, Barclay said he still used Facebook to exchange messages with friends around the world and was even surprised when he received the letter. But in the end, he realized that this was the best destination.

“I’ve been trying to reduce my use of Facebook for years, including creating tools like Unfollow Everything. I’m very grateful to Facebook for helping me reduce my addiction levels to zero,” the developer said.

The extension in question was published in the Google Chrome extension store in July of last year and had only 10,000 downloads. The creation even served as a source for a Swiss study by the University of Neuchâtel, which looked at the relationship between a clean news feed and user happiness.


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