Facebook, Audience Network from iOS 14


Facebook announced on Wednesday (26) that it may remove support from Audience Network from iOS 14. Audience Network is the social media ad platform, used for companies to send targeted ads to users of the site .

According to Facebook, the reason for a possible discontinuation of the Audience Network on iOS, is the fact that, starting with version 14 of the Apple mobile system, an anti-tracking feature was implemented, which impacts on efficiency – or even on full functioning – of your ad platform.

This feature requires users to agree to ad tracking, which may prevent cross-tracking of apps and websites, to deliver targeted ads. Therefore, the company stopped collecting the identifier of advertisers on devices that run iOS 14, claiming that it was a “forced” decision.

Advertising revenue fell more than 50%

In preliminary tests, Facebook said that the new anti-tracking feature of iOS 14 caused advertising revenue to drop by more than 50% on Audience Network. If the resource is maintained, the ability of publishers to monetize on the platform will be seriously affected.

Some iOS 14 users will not see any ads from the Audience Network program, while others will see less relevant ads. Worse than that, in practice, the drop in revenue may be even greater.

For this reason, the social network is already creating short- and long-term strategies to support publishers during these changes, and is still studying the possibility of removing its targeted ad platform from iOS in the future.

For Facebook, the current moment is already too difficult for developers and publishers to be harmed by the drop in revenue on the Audience Network. Now, the company must create new monetization opportunities for publishers and support platforms with ads on non-Apple mobile systems.

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