Facebook Announces It Will Ban Mask Ads


Social media giant Facebook has announced that it will ban the hygiene mask ads that have become widespread recently due to the Corona virus. It is stated that this decision is about preventing the price increase.

The leading states of the world are struggling very seriously to prevent the Corona virus, which is threatening the whole world. While the states are making intense efforts to tackle the situation, social media companies are fighting another war to prevent false news and false information about the Corona virus.

Last week, both Facebook and Amazon took steps to remove products from their platform that allegedly protect or treat people against the Corona virus. Continuing to work on this issue without slowing down, Facebook has announced that it will not allow hygienic mask advertisements published on the platform to prevent price increases.

Medicinal product ads that may create a sense of urgency will also be limited:
These allegations were confirmed by a company spokesperson who interviewed TechCrunh. The spokesperson of Facebook, which plays a very important role in combating the Corona virus with more than 2 billion users, made the following statements about the decision:

“We temporarily ban the ads and trade lists where medical face masks are sold. Our teams are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and necessary updates will be made if we see people trying to take advantage of this public health emergency. ”

Mask ads will not be limited by the decision taken by Facebook. The company will also restrict “Limited Stock” ads for medical or basic supply that can cause panic or create a sense of urgency.

The Corona virus outbreak forces giant companies to cancel their events:
The Corona virus outbreak has forced many companies to cancel their large-scale events. In this context, GSMA had to cancel the MWC 2020, which will be held last month after the withdrawal of many giant companies. Then Facebook canceled the F8 summit and Microsoft canceled the Ignite Tour in several countries. The cancellations, which were not limited to these, continued with the cancellation of many giant companies such as OPPO and Xiaomi.


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