Facebook Announces Security Center To Protect Women From Abuse


Facebook announced, this Wednesday (30), the launch of the Women’s Security Center, a tool that will centralize resources and offer tips to defend women from possible abuse.

The platform will provide, for example, resources for journalists, women leaders and survivors of violence. Free security training videos and live sessions that will discuss methods to protect yourself will also be offered.

According to the social network, the service’s intention is to “empower our users through education” and “keep women safer in the online environment”. In addition, Facebook said it has developed strict policies to protect women from online abuse and produced tools that proactively detect violence in the digital environment.

On Instagram, for example, there is a feature called “Hidden Words” that allows users to filter out potentially offensive messages. On Facebook, there are tools to control access to certain content.

“We have sophisticated technology to combat non-consensual intimate image sharing and have developed a variety of features to help ensure that all women feel safe using our platform. Thanks to user feedback and the experts we consult, we are constantly evaluating effectiveness of our tools and seeking new options to empower women in the online environment,” defended Cindy Southworth, Director of Women’s Safety who signs the Facebook statement.

The Women’s Safety Center can be accessed via this link. The content is still in English, but will be 100% translated to Portuguese in two weeks.


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