Facebook Announces New Live Streaming Features Against Increasing Demand


Facebook announced the new features it brought to its live broadcasts in order to respond to the increasing demand after the coronavirus epidemic. At this point, new options have been added to live broadcasts that require less internet connection.

While the coronavirus outbreak has shut the whole world at home, interest in social media platforms has increased tremendously. So much so that many social media platforms had to lower their video quality in order not to overload the global internet.

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms of today, is a platform that carries this burden on their shoulders. The company decided to add a new feature to popular live broadcasts so that people can have a better time at home. With this feature, Facebook will also allow those who do not have an account to watch live on the platform.

Facebook brought new features against density:
The company announced in its new statement that people who are not Facebook users can also watch live broadcasts on their smartphones. This feature was previously available on computers, but not on smartphones. Facebook’s new feature will be available to all Android users today, while iOS users will have to wait a few more weeks.

In addition to this innovation, Facebook offers new options for live broadcasters to access smartphones or those without an internet connection. The company will enable people to listen to the broadcast by calling a certain number on their phones with the system called ‘Public Switch Telephone Network’.

No fee will be charged for the people who listen to the live broadcasts on Facebook by phone. In addition, ‘audio only’ feature will be brought to Facebook live broadcasts. With this feature, users can save data by simply listening to the audio without watching the live video.

All these innovations, announced by Facebook, can help the company tackle growing demand after the coronavirus outbreak. Both video calling and live streaming features caused Facebook to lower the video quality in Europe. At this point, if more users take advantage of features such as ‘voice only’ or ‘call for live broadcasts’, Facebook’s resources will be so manageable.