Facebook Announces to Increase WhatsApp Video Group Talk Limit to 8


Facebook continues to develop its messaging app WhatsApp. The company announced that it will increase the 4-person video / voice chat limit to 8 in the application.

Social media giant Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in 2014, is adding new features to the application day by day. The company is developing its application, which has more than 5 billion downloads only in the Google Play Store, day by day.

In addition to adding new features to WhatsApp, Facebook continues to improve existing features. One of these features was the group video and voice speech feature. The company increases the number of participants from group conversations to 4 to 8.

8-person video chat feature on WhatsApp
WhatsApp already has a group video or audio conversation feature, but these conversations can now be held with up to 4 participants. Facebook announced that it will double this limit to 8 in a statement today. This feature also appeared in the beta version of the application.

Of course, when it comes to Facebook, the scandals that the company experiences with user data come to mind first. The company is working to get rid of this image and for a long time, end-to-end encryption has been used in WhatsApp. This feature, which ensures that no one can access the conversations, will also be used for voice and video calls.

According to the information revealed in the beta version of the application, all participants must use the latest version of the application in order to have 8-person voice / video group chats. At this time, there is no exact date when this new upper limit to be brought to group conversations will be available to users. We will wait and see all we can say right now for the new capping feature to be released.

So what do you think about this new upper limit of WhatsApp? What other features do you think should be added to WhatsApp? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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