Facebook Announces a New Violation of User Data


In a blog post shared by Facebook, it was announced that the user data continued to be shared with the developers 90 days after the users stopped using the application as a result of an error, and the problem was corrected as soon as the situation was noticed.

Despite everything, Facebook, which continues to be the largest social media platform in the world, shared a new blog post from Platform Partners Vice President Konstantinos Papamiltiadis. The blog post mentioned about improving the data sharing limits of applications that have not been used for a while and simplifying platform conditions and developer policy.

However, Facebook admitted in the same blog post that there was a new user data violation about apps that have not been used for a long time. Under normal circumstances, Facebook stops sharing data with applications where users have been inactive for 90 days. However, according to Facebook’s statement, user data continued to be shared even after 90 days with about 5000 developers as a result of an error.

Facebook: Up to 5000 developers continued to access user data even after 90 days

According to Facebook’s current policy, when you download an application, connect and use your Facebook account, Facebook shares the information you allow with the developer. However, when you stop using the application for a reason or another reason after a while, Facebook will stop sharing user data with the application if it does not detect any activity for the user for 90 days in the application. That’s what it should have been at least. For this violation did not occur even after 90 days.

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Stating that they fixed the violation as soon as they detected it, Facebook stated that the developers could only access the information allowed by the users, therefore, the shared data were basic information such as language and gender. Facebook highlighted that they could not find evidence of any sensitive data shared by developers and users in the data breach in question.

“We will continue to pursue a transparent policy”

Facebook will not forget its recent history full of scandals that it started its blog post, where it shared its data breach, by saying that developers also played an important role in protecting user data.

Although Facebook states that the article will continue to follow a transparent policy and set clearer boundaries for sharing user data with developers, the company’s ‘old’ policies seem to leave an open door for some data breaches.


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