Facebook and Twitter Delete Trump’s Covid-19 Post


President Trump, who was hospitalized with a positive coronavirus test last weekend, returned to his duty. My post on social media on “Covid-19 is less deadly than flu” was deleted by Facebook and blocked by Twitter.

There is little time left for the elections to be held in the USA on November 3, 2020. The current president, Donald Trump, caught the coronavirus with most of his aides while continuing his election work, and was treated last weekend. He then announced that he had recovered from the disease and returned to his duty.

Trump, who made various statements comparing Covid-19 with flu since the first days of the epidemic, continued these comparisons, although he survived the disease. Finally, on October 6, a post he made on Twitter and Facebook was stuck on Facebook and Twitter’s systems developed “to prevent the spread of false information about the epidemic”.

Facebook deleted the same post, Twitter blocked it from being seen:
“The season of flu is coming. Every year, many people; sometimes over 100 thousand people die of flu despite vaccination. Are we going to close our country for this? No, we have learned to live with it. Just as we learned to live with Covid. For many communities, Covid is from flu.” less deadly “.

Facebook and Twittter made such an arrangement to prevent the massive spread of fake news and false information about the coronavirus, and even in May 2020, it blocked Donald Trump’s sharing. Donalt Trump, who won the Presidential Election in 2016 mainly thanks to social media, this time sees social media companies in front of the election days before the election.

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