Facebook and Twitter CEOs to appear before the Senate


Facebook and Twitter CEOs agreed to voluntarily appear before the senate for the action they took against a report from the New York Post. The two CEOs will inform the senate about the elections as well as the censorship policies.

In the middle of this month, social media platforms made an interesting move against the New York Post news, which attracted many reactions. The New York Post announced that Joe Biden had received disparaging e-mails from his son’s computer. The newspaper offered little evidence for this great claim.

After this incident, Facebook announced that it would prevent the news from spreading until it was passed on by its partners who checked the company’s accuracy. An official speaking on behalf of Facebook said that this is a standard procedure the company operates against spreading false information.

Twitter and Facebook CEOs will face the senate:

On the other hand, Twitter, the other social media giant, blocked the URL in all Tweets containing the news of the New York Post. Twitter has attributed the reason for this action to the ‘distribution policy of the seized material. These measures taken by the social media giants made claims that the giants had anti-conservative political prejudices.

After all, Facebook and Twitter CEOs Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey agreed to volunteer before the Senate Judiciary Board on November 17th. According to the committee’s announcement, social media giants will testify about the censorship policies of their platforms and silencing the New York Post news before the committee.

The committee will discuss another important issue, as well as the action companies are taking against the New York Post’s report. On November 17, it was pointing out exactly 2 weeks after the elections in the USA. Therefore, the committee, together with CEOs, will also review how the 2020 elections are handled by the platforms.

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Social media giant Twitter made an update to the seized materials policy after the problem that happened a week ago. With this update, the platform would place a tag on Tweets where the news was shared rather than restrict the news that was thought to be compromised.


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