Facebook And Instagram Will Support NFTs, Rumor Suggests


Facebook: According to new information, Facebook and Instagram should soon support publishing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in social media posts securely. In addition, Meta should offer an NFT shop to improve the digital collectibles market.

The information was published by the Financial Times website and, according to several anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Meta intends to allow users to publish their NFTs as profile pictures or upload them to their timelines. The rumor also claims that the company is working on a system that will transform simple image files into digital assets.

NFTs on the networks

Supposedly, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is developing a store where consumers will be able to buy, sell and trade non-fungible tokens, as is already possible in the OpenSea marketplace — the store is already valued at more than $13 billion.

It is important to mention that, previously, the director of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, had already commented on the possibility of exploring NFTs on social networks. Even rumors point out that the first tests have already started on the social photo network.

With the idealization of Meta’s metaverse, it is possible that NFTs sold on social networks become virtual art paintings within the digital universe planned by the company. So far, the companies have not commented on the rumor.