Facebook and Instagram test tool to sync Stories


Instagram wants to implement a new feature to allow its users to view Stories directly on Facebook. Currently, this option is still in the testing phase and only a limited number of users can access it.

In a statement to social media consultant Matt Navarra, a Facebook spokesman said the news respects all privacy policies. That way, Stories will only be visible to users who already follow you on Instagram and have decided to activate the feature.

First place privacy

Although companies have released few details on the subject, it seems that the novelty will also respect previous decisions, such as blocking profiles and preventing you from viewing Stories.

According to information shared by Matt Navarra on Twitter, at the end of the test, companies will receive feedback from users who had early access to the functionality.

Greater integration of platforms

The novelty reflects the effort to integrate the platforms, which was also noticed shortly after the launch of the Facebook Stories feature, when Instagram started to encourage its users to share quick posts on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. The difference now is that, with the functionality, these posts will automatically appear on Facebook.

Since then, this approach has been gradual. Last month, for example, Facebook Messenger started to be unified with Instagram chat. In the near future, WhatsApp and SMS will also be added to the list.

What did you think of this news? Would you like to watch Instagram Stories directly from Facebook? Share your opinion with us through the comments below!

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