Facebook Analytics Will Be Discontinued This Month


Facebook announced in March 2021 that the Facebook Analytics platform will be discontinued, and the end is approaching: June 30 will be the last day of availability of the tool. Users can still export data from the service in CSV format until the end date.

Facebook Analytics works as a tool for companies to understand how their audiences use Facebook and Instagram and how they interact with brands. More specifically, the platform helped in the visualization of data coming from Facebook Pixel, such as demographic statistics and audience retention.

The change does not mean the end of monitoring social network metrics, and Zuckerberg’s company already recommends alternatives.

There are alternatives

The platform disclosed other possibilities to access and monitor relevant metrics. Facebook Business Suite, for example, allows you to create and track ads, in addition to promoting advertisements, an overview of your Facebook and Instagram accounts, among other features.

Facebook Ads Manager brings the possibility to create custom advertising campaigns, changing budgets and target audience. The professional is also able to generate more complex reports and track metrics such as network reach and cost per click.

Finally, the Event Manager helps you configure and supervise the Facebook Pixel and Conversion APIs for tracking website activity.

The end of Zuckerberg’s Analytics comes during a period of conflict between the social network and Apple. Apple recently introduced App Tracking Transparency which blocks websites from tracking certain information on iOS devices, which can affect Facebook ads.


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