Facebook allows you to export photos to Dropbox


Now it is possible to transfer your photos from Facebook to Dropbox, it is very easy and here we tell you what you should do

Facebook has long implemented the option of being able to save all our photos in the Google Photos app, which turned out to be very practical and simple, and for all those who want to take their Facebook photos to another cloud service, it is now possible.

As of today, Facebook announced that it is also possible to transfer all the photos stored in the social network to our Dropbox account, so that those who do not want to use Google Photos or do not have a Google account, can save their memories .

Transfer your photos from Facebook to Dropbox

Now transferring your photos from Facebook to Dropbox is much easier, since it does not require any additional software or hardware and it will be achieved in just a few minutes, this is what you have to do to get it:

Open the Facebook app on your Android device
Click on the three lines of the menu at the top right
Open the Settings menu
Scroll until you find the option “Transfer a copy of your photos or videos”
The browser will open and ask to enter your Facebook password
Click “Choose destination” in the new window
Select Dropbox
Choose the content to transfer to Dropbox and then press next
Sign in to Dropbox
Click on “Confirm transfer” to start the process

In this way we will give the necessary permissions to transfer our photos and videos from Facebook, later you will receive an email from Facebook where you will be notified that you have made said request.

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This process can take up to 2 days for our multimedia content to be available in our Dropbox account, time that will vary depending on the number of photos and videos we have on our social network.

Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a new notification and a folder called Photo transfer, with all the photos you have on Facebook, will be available in your Dropbox account.


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