Facebook AI will describe photos to blind users


Social networks are the place where any internet user enters to share their latest movements with the world. You can also see what your contacts are up to, as well as the latest news related to their likes or brands that you follow. But this is not only limited to all those who are able to see the screen, since the blind will have the possibility of knowing what the images that are shared on their Facebook are like with the help of the new AI of the firm.

An AI that reads the content of Facebook photos

The content of the television is designed so that all users have access to its content regardless of their abilities. This is possible thanks to the system that helps people with severe vision problems to understand what is happening in each action even if they cannot see it. This does not exist as such in social networks except for the new artificial intelligence that Facebook is working on.

The company has confirmed that it is focused its efforts on improving the quality of its service for those who cannot see well what they have on the screen. Basically it all comes down to the AI ​​being able to interpret the content of the photo, if animals appear and what they are, how many people are there, if it is a party and what may be celebrating … something that helps people to get an idea of ​​what is in front of them even if they cannot see it.

The funny thing is that the Menlo Park are not using intelligent learning for the AI ​​to recognize what is happening. The intelligent software recognizes the images by the hashtags in the image, so it will learn based on how users tag all the images in which they appear.

A project from 2017

Facebook is working on having its AI describe photos for blind users, but this project has been around for a while. Specifically, it was in 2017 when the first tests began, but it is now that the firm is intensifying efforts to achieve it. The date of presentation of this function is not yet clear, so it will be a matter of waiting for the firm to perfect it. In addition, it will also reach the Instagram platform, so it will be a preview.


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