Facebook agreed with Apple! Step back to App Store fees


Even though Apple continues to fight Epic Games in the war of commission fees, the ice seems to have melted with Facebook. According to the agreement, Apple and Facebook signed an important agreement for App Store commission fees.

Facebook agreed with Apple! Step back for commission fees

Months ago, Facebook paved the way for content producers to earn revenue through the platform and allowed them to organize paid online events. However, developers who earned this revenue on iOS had to pay a 30 percent commission fee through the App Store.

Facebook, on the other hand, started to send a warning message to content producers that they will deduct commission fees from content published on iOS with an update. The update, which coincided with the discussion of Epic Games and App Store commission fees, was quickly blocked by Apple.

Facebook, on the other hand, started looking for ways to deal with Apple after this development. According to the information revealed, an agreement was reached between the two companies on not taking the commission fees for a while.

Apple will allow Facebook creators to use Facebook Pay by December 31st. Facebook does not receive commissions from content producers who choose their own payment method until August 2021.

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However, it seems that after December 31, Facebook could not accept the use of Facebook Pay as a payment method to Apple. Nevertheless, Apple, which faced many companies in commission fees and did not compromise, took a step back for the first time.

However, Facebook Gaming service seems to be out of this deal. Although the Facebook team has fought for Gaming, Apple does not stop taking 30 percent commission from the service, which soon reached a significant size.

What do you think, can Apple make more concessions for App Store commission fees? Is this an advantage for Facebook paid content producers? We are waiting your comments.


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