Facebook Acquires Scape Technologies Working on Superior Positioning Technology


Facebook has added a new company to the companies it has included in order to create new services by following new generation technologies. The American social media giant company acquired Scape Technologies, which is working on advanced positioning based on emerging files.

Scape Technologies is an initiative project on locating beyond the possibilities of GPS. The technology developed by the London-based project was developed to increase location accuracy and provide detailed location information. This new technology of Scape Technologies is planned to be used especially in augmented reality applications.

Social media company Facebook, which is prepared to rule the world with its purchases, bought Scape Technologies according to the information in a legislation file. Although the terms of the deal are not yet known, it is reported by Companies House that Facebook has high control over Scape Technologies. It was learned with the information that Facebook bought Scape Technologies for $ 40 million, which owns 75% of the company’s business, and the other files.

What exactly was Scape Technologies working on?
Founded in 2017, Scape Technologies, ‘Visual Positioning Service’; that is, he was working on a technology called “visual positioning service”. This technology, working with a computer vision, enabled application developers to develop applications with higher accuracy than GPS. The technology, which mainly targets augmented reality applications, was planned to be used in areas such as robotics and logistics. To be more specific, the main function of this technology was to enable the devices with the camera to grasp those around them.

Edward Miller, co-founder and CEO of Scape Technologies, previously described Scape’s visual engine as a large-scale pipeline that creates three-dimensional maps from photos and videos. This engine allowed for detailed locating of objects.

It is predicted that this new company, which Facebook incorporates, will benefit Facebook in new generation platforms. The American company is thought to have made a very lucrative venture for AR and VR technologies. This initiative is also an indication of American companies’ efforts to incorporate the work of British companies that developed earlier in the field of artificial intelligence.


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