Facebook accused of watching Instagram users on camera


Facebook has been accused of camera-watching Instagram users in a complaint filed with the federal court in San Francisco. The accusation was made by Instagram user Brittany Conditi.

Although the use of the internet and social media today offers many advantages to people, it can also endanger them. Social media platforms, where many people share almost all kinds of information, come up from time to time with the reason that their users violate their privacy.

Here is the last example of this happened in the United States of America. Facebook Inc., the owner of social media giant Instagram, was sued by an Instagram user for unauthorized access to the camera. A user named Brittany Conditi filed a complaint with the federal court in San Francisco.

It monitors its users to ‘gather valuable data’:

In the complaint filed with federal court on Thursday, Instagram user Brittany Conditi suggested that Instagram’s use of the camera was intentional. The user said that the purpose of the platform is to collect ‘profitable and valuable data about its users that would otherwise not be accessible’.

According to the continuation of the complaint, Instagram and Facebook were obtaining highly private and confidential personal data about their users, including the privacy of their homes. This data could be used for ‘valuable information and market research’, again according to the complaint. Facebook has not yet made a statement about this complaint.

In another lawsuit filed against the company last month, Facebook was accused of illegally obtaining facial recognition technology from biometric data of more than 100 million Instagram users. Facebook denied this claim and announced that Instagram does not use facial recognition technology.

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In another lawsuit against Facebook in July, the company was accused of Instagram’s access to iPhone cameras even when the device is not actively used. The company blamed a bug by saying that this incident was not true, and explained that this error was sending false notifications to users.


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