FACE! Millie Bobby Brown and Jenna Ortega Were in The Same Category of Awards, But Fans Have Different Opinions


There has been a constant war on the internet over the past few weeks as fans choose a side between Millie Bobby Brown and Jenna Ortega. Fans compare the acting style of both actors, as they play supernatural teenagers in their shows. In addition, Wednesday broke the historical record of “Very Strange Things” for the first week after its release. According to Netflix, this coming-of-age drama has surpassed the hugely popular English TV series with 341 million hours.

Although there is no doubt that both actresses impressed the audience with their talent at a young age. To imagine these Netflix shows without these young stars is almost as terrible as winter without hot chocolate. Now, with the start of the new year, Brown and Ortega came face to face again, as they found themselves in the same category of awards. Do fans have different opinions about the nominations?

Millie Bobby Brown and Jenna Ortega compete in award nominations

In a recent message posted by Film Updates on Twitter, they announced the best young actor in a TV show. The list includes two of Netflix’s biggest faces: Millie Bobby Brown for “Stranger Things” and Jenna Ortega for Wednesday.

In addition, Bailey Bass was nominated for “Interview with a Vampire,” Keith Connor for “Heartstopper,” and Edwin Riding for “Young Royals.” This nomination, of course, will be a difficult test for fans who will have to choose between the best talents. Fans have been watching the 18-year-old actress demonstrate her talent on television for a long time.

While Enola Holmes 2 was one of the biggest milestones in her career as she received huge praise for her performance in the film. On the other hand, viewers made it clear that they are obsessed with the Scream queen by sharing videos of the dance scene and deadly dialogues. However, it seems that fans prefer someone else to these talented actresses. And this is none other than Swedish star Edwin Riding.

Fans Prefer Edwin Ryding to Big Netflix Stars

Starring in the 2021 Netflix show “Young Royals”, he attracted the attention of viewers around the world. Fans loved his performance as Prince Wilhelm in the teen drama novel, and they want him to win the award for Best Actor.

Who would you like to see as the winner in the Best Actor nomination? Let us know your opinion in the comments and stay tuned.


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