Face Mask Mi KN95 with Extra Protection from Xiaomi


Xiaomi announced the new face mask “Mi KN95”. The mask, which can be purchased at very affordable prices, enables the filtering of both living and non-living particles with its four-fold filtering feature. Product will be coming to Turkey is unknown for the moment.

Chinese company Xiaomi, which managed to attract the attention of consumers with almost every product it launches, also handled masks that became an integral part of our lives in 2020. Announcing a new mask named “Mi KN95”, the company seems to help consumers protect their health with a mask with four layers of protection.

The most impressive feature of Xiaomi Mi KN95 is that it combines two different levels of efficiency. In this context, the company offers Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE), which blocks 95 percent of living particles with size ranges from 1 to 5 microns, and Particle Filter Efficiency (PFE) standards that block non-living particles in the 0.1 micron to 1 micron range by 95 percent. This means maximum protection for consumers.

The fact that Xiaomi’s new face mask provides a very detailed protection may suggest that this mask has a hard structure. However, this is not the case. The company has designed the four-layer structure that enables the filtering in a non-woven and soft way. The mask, which has a very light structure, does not cause any pain or fatigue during long-term use. The uninterrupted usage time of the mask to Xiaomi is between 10-12 hours.

According to Xiaomi’s statements, the Mi KN95 offers optimum breathability and airflow. In addition, the mask, which has a fixing device for the nose point, prevents the glasses from fogging. Conducting a sensitive study on ear rings, Xiaomi states that the material used does not cause pain in the ear. The price of the mask, which has all these features, is $ 3 for two and $ 8 for 5 pieces.

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