Fable: New Game is Being Developed With Forza Engine


Fable: The new title of the Fable franchise, currently under development by the Turn 10 studio, will use Forza’s graphics engine in its production and is behind a new software engineer to manipulate the tool.

Last Monday (3), Microsoft listed a vacancy offer to fill the Turn 10 studio team, responsible for bringing the Forza series to life (Horizon and Motorsport). According to the description shared on the company’s careers page, the new contractor will program the ForzaTech engine and enrich it “to support an open-world action RPG”, in addition to “adding new features like Ray Tracing” to the next-gen version of Fable.

The job vacancy also suggested that Microsoft already works on three AAA games from two “beloved Xbox franchises”, all based on the technology used by the Tech Share team – ForzaTech devs. Thus, with Forza Motorsport 8 practically in playable state and Fable being the center of the vacancy’s intentions, everything indicates that there are great possibilities for the third title to be a sequel to Forza Horizon 4, not yet officially confirmed by the studio.

What do you think about sharing this technology? Will we see a Fable with an open world to impress? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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