Fabienne Carat is accused of despising the series!


During a live Instagram, the beautiful Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) responded to people who accuse her of really despising the series!

Several weeks ago, Fabienne Carat bade farewell to Plus belle la vie. On the other hand, the end of her character, Samia, really didn’t please the fans. The latter are really hungry for more.

On social networks, several fans of Plus belle la vie have expressed their disappointment. They didn’t really understand what Samia had ultimately become. In an interview with Ciné Télé Revue, Fabienne Carat gave some info.

Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) said: “I admit that I completely agree with the public. In the sense that it’s a little strange start. Even I as a performer was confused “.

The young woman also added: “It feels like they were taken aback when I gave notice of my departure beforehand. Even I didn’t know what was going on when I was playing, which was very disturbing ”.

The actress also explained, “I had to trust them. But I was a little unsatisfied. The question should be put to production. Because I am a bit coite, like the viewers ”.

The fans do not seem totally convinced of the explanations of Fabienne Carat. Several accused her of despising Plus belle la vie. She therefore spoke on this topic during a live Instagram.


Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) balanced: “I have no idea what happens to Samia in Plus belle la vie. Which is mind blowing. There are people who have said that I spit on Plus belle la vie “.

Fabienne Carat (Plus belle la vie) then revealed: “But not at all, at all. I am very grateful for everything I have experienced with this series, the actors, the production, the writers… ”.

The actress also said, “I actually didn’t know what I was playing at the end of it. I didn’t know what Samia was writing, where my character was going. This is not a joke. I was forced to trust the writers and the production. ”

She therefore kept things clear. The actress of Plus belle la vie revealed: “I don’t spit on anyone. It’s just the truth. I am very sincere. The goal was to make the suspense over Samia’s disappearance last ”.

Finally, she also concluded: “I believe that the resolution will be done around the month of March. I found out by chance ”. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before learning more about the adventures of Samia (Plus belle la vie). To be continued!


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