FAB Gripen F-39E fighter makes its first flight in Brazil


This Thursday (24), the Gripen F-39E fighter made its first flight within Brazil. The Swedish model, first received by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) among the 36 purchased in 2013, took the air route taking off at Navegantes International Airport – Ministro Victor Konder, in Navegantes (SC), bound for the Flight Test Center of Gripen, in Gavião Peixoto (SP).

The plane was in preparation for its first flight in Brazil since Tuesday (22) and underwent a series of technical inspections, with factors such as engine activation and ground taxiing being evaluated. The aerial test should last 50 minutes and will evaluate the performance of the Gripen before arriving at the Embraer plant, in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo.

“We carried out some tests to make sure the plane is ready for flight. After arriving in Gavião Peixoto, we will schedule the tests that will be done in Brazil and continue flying,” comments Saab chief test pilot Marcus Wandt in video released.

The Gripen F-39E was manufactured in Sweden and transported to Brazil by ship, arriving at the port of Navegantes last Sunday (20). The fighter was only moved, via towing through the city streets, at dawn on Tuesday (22), destined for the airport where it took off today. It is part of the set of 36 F-39E bought in 2013, with a contract of U $ 4.5 billion and delivery time for 2021.

Although they were purchased to help defend Brazilian goods, Gripen fighters have no military experience and are still in an experimental phase, being considered prototypes. The model will be officially presented in October, during a ceremony in Brasília.


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