F9: The Fast Saga trailer released!


The once legendary movie series Fast and Furious is back on the agenda with its latest movie F9: The Fast Saga. The popular movie, which debuted with the trailer for the ninth in the series, has already started to excite its fans. The trailer released for the Super Bowl sports event reflects the main theme of the story in 31 seconds.

F9: The Fast Saga: “Coming Soon”

Featuring names such as Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron and John Cena in the cast, F9: The Fast Saga attracted attention with the phrase “soon in theaters” at the end of the trailer. The movie, whose vision date was postponed due to Covid-19 before, excited movie enthusiasts with this statement.

In Fast and Furious’s newest movie, we will watch Dom Torettto, Letty and his son Brian, driving a quiet life outside the city. In the movie, where Dom’s brother Jakob will have a bad character, the character of Jakob will be played by WWE legend John Cena.

At the end of the trailer, with the phrase “Coming Soon in Theaters”, the exact release date of the film is unknown. However, this release of F9: The Fast Saga has surprised movie enthusiasts as all movie theaters are closed due to the current panda. It looks like whether the movie will actually be broadcast in the cinema and the official release date will be determined in the coming days.